High Performance Elite Training Squads

Junior High Performance training squads at Healey Tennis are designed to provide intensive hitting sessions for competition standard children. The key elements involved in these training sessions are:

  • Stroke drills to improve consistency and accuracy
  • Practice of directional patterns that are common in match play
  • Fitness and footwork drills
  • Develop a team atmosphere through which kids learn and improve together
  • Mind and body connection through meditation and yoga and our Play Awake philosophy!  

High Performance Squad Details:  

  • When: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.00pm to 7.00pm 
  • Eligibility: These squads are designed for elite comp and tournament players 12yrs+ 
  • Invitation from the Healey Tennis coaching team is necessary to partake in these squads.
  • Squad will take place rain or shine! On such days players will be advised of organised location for indoor fitness, yoga and/or mental sessions.
  • Each NEW player accepted in our High Performance squad and commited to 2 day program will receive a Healey Tennis Team training shirt
  • *Please e-mail admin@healeytennis.com.au to request acceptance in our High Performance squad.  

 ** COST: $350 for one day/week and $590 for 2 days/week.  

 To sign up please click HERE to be redirected to the enrollment page.

Receive welcomed tips from drop in professional players Max Purcell (left) and Jake Delaney

Yoga is part of our high performance programs.  At Healey Tennis we work with the mind and the body!


World class player, Sonja Balic, in action!