All players must be registered members of the WDTA ($45.00 adults, $35.00 ov 60 or concession, $35.00 fulltime students ov/18years).



      Pairs must be on the court ready to warm up at 7.00pm

      Warm-up will be no longer than 10 mins.



      $10.00 per player per night (includes new balls, court usage, competition prizes, and a supper on finals night.)

      NOTE: there is NO team registration fee




      Each pair will play three sets against the drawn opposing pair.

      Three sets will be played consecutively.

      All sets will be played first to 6 games, tie breaker at 6 games all.

      Two (2) approved balls will be provided for each match.

      After a set is completed the team will change ends ONLY if the first set finished on the odd game. The next team to serve will commence the next set. Either players of that pair may serve.



      Bye teams will receive NO points.

      Teams will receive 2 points for each set won.

      The winning team will receive 2 additional points.

      Points will accumulate for each team over the duration of the competition.

      Equal Points will be given to each team in the event of wet weather.

      Should rain interrupt play partway through the match, sets completed will be awarded 2 points per set, equal points will be provided to both teams for unfinished sets.

      Results must be completed each evening on the score sheet provided, and given to the competition organiser at the conclusion of the match.



      The first 4 teams with the highest points will play the semi-finals. (1st v 4th and 2nd v 3rd)

      The final will be played by the winner of each of the semi-final matches




      Teams are responsible to provide players to play the match each week.

      A reserve list is provided for each Division.

      Players may be borrowed as often as required.

      Players must have played at least 3 matches to be eligible to play for their team in a semi-final or final.

      Should a team require a reserve for the semi-final or final, the competition organiser will determine a suitable person to play the match.

      Should a team not be able to provide either team members for the semi-final or final, the team will forfeit their opportunity to play the final. The team most eligible to play will play the matchl.

      Division 2 players may reserve in Division 1 – this must not compromise their own team in Div 2.

      Division 1 players cannot reserve in Division 2.



      The match will only be cancelled in the event the courts are unplayable OR if the competition organiser determines the BOM radar suggests the courts will be made unplayable by the starting time of 7pm.

      A decision will be made no later than 6.30pm as to the possibility of commencing the match for that evening.

      If the match is to be cancelled - a text message will be provided to the designated team Captain ONLY. It is the responsibility of the Team Captain to advise their other team member or any reserves.

      Players should act on the basis the courts are playable until such time as the decision is made to cancel the match for that evening. NOTE: A time allowance for starting time will be made for people travelling from long distances to the Wyong Centre where weather conditions may be uncertain.

      Where possible wet weather matches will be played at an alternate date.